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Anonymous said: AWESOME !! :)

= ) Can you be more specific Anon?

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Anonymous said: recommend any other blogs like yours?

:/ Um…I’d say just look at some of the sources that I reblog from. You might find something you like.

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Here, have a lame awkward angle 19 second video of me playing with my tits at like 3 in the morning. Happy Topless Tuesday everyone! I’ll make a better one of these at some point, apologies for how crappy this is. Also my fan is on which explains the noise and the blowy hair… and headphones were playing Lonely Island. My life. 

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Anonymous said: Thank you so much, I hate porn but love videos like these!!!!!

I’m glad that you enjoy them.

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Jizz on my tits

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Anonymous said: Hello, sorry for making you remove the previous video. You may be interested by "My friend Nicky and Maria" on Xtube, they look like genuine amateur (5 video available)

It’s all good. Thanks for helping to keep the blog REAL.

And I will have to check out those videos sometime.

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(Source: tightpussies)

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Anonymous said: The coupke from the 8th of june is great, but they are not amateur. They were working for a cam site (my freecam)

Gotcha. As much as I didn’t want to, I took it down.

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Nosso primeiro video na internet. Espero que gostem !!

Per request.

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