Video 15 Feb 219 notes


One of the best amateur blowjobs I’ve ever seen :)

Video 9 Feb 10 notes

A short self video showing boobs.

Thank you for the submission! Very nice!
Text 31 Jan 32 notes Tale of a Mardi Gras Flasher:
Text 8 Jan 9 notes I turned anon off.

Things got out of hand. The single word “requests” were bad enough but it seems like I’ve been getting a lot of personal questions lately. You want to know about me? Fine. I am the facilitator of this blog. That’s all you need to know. Don’t like what I’m posting (or what I’m not posting)? Whatever gets you off is a quick and simple Google search away. Don’t let me keep you. By all means, go right ahead.

I do understand that not all anons have been bad. I’m sorry that a few bad apples have seemed to spoil the whole bunch. For those of you that have actually contributed, thank you. For those of you that have asked for help and I haven’t had time to get back to you, just know that I’m working on it. I haven’t forgotten about you.

I’m not saying “stop asking me things.” Not by any means. I’m just tired of people thinking that they’re tough shit because they’re anonymous and can say what they want without revealing a shred of who they are. That’s done.

Sorry for the dramatic text post.

Text 30 Dec 8 notes

Anonymous said: Why don't you submit your own video? Are you like fat and ugly or something? LETS SEE IT

Quite possibly both.

Text 28 Dec 9 notes

Anonymous said: Could you post a video of you playing with yourself?

I don’t know if that’s what you really want.

Text 27 Dec 7 notes

Anonymous said: italian

All I can think of right now is that episode of Family Guy where Peter puts on a fake mustache and speaks gibberish Italian. That’s what I feel like doing right now.

Text 27 Dec 8 notes

Anonymous said: mary drunk

I bet she is.

Text 27 Dec 4 notes

Anonymous said: You need to upload more often!

I’m sorry that I can’t reblog porn regularly enough to suit your liking, sir or madam.

Text 27 Dec 8 notes

Anonymous said: Will we ever see videos of you?

If that’s what the people want…

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